3 Reasons to Not Hire a Copywriter and Save Yourself Some Money

If you run your own business, you likely write your own copy to help your bottom line.

Eventually, though, we have to delegate or we dry up. The end of the year is coming, so you may already be looking ahead to next year. Is it time to hire out your copywriting? It could be. However, calling a communications company at the wrong time in your marketing process will only frustrate you and waste your money. Keep reading to learn three reasons to not hire a copywriter. 

1. Your Marketing Goal Is to “Increase Sales”

When we ask potential clients about their goals and how they want us to help, we often get the above blanket statement. Don’t hire a copywriter at this point. Everyone wants to increase sales, otherwise they wouldn’t be in business. 

Instead, answer this: What specific steps are you taking to increase sales, and where does a copywriter fit in? 

For example: “I want to increase my email list click rate by one percentage point. Our sales funnel is well defined, but our email list shows some weakness. We believe our copy isn’t engaging enough and need help to find out why.” A copywriter can work with that goal. 

2. You Haven’t Defined Your Target Markets

This is another reason to not hire a copywriter and relates to #1. We can’t work well with a goal that reads like this: “To increase sales in the 18+ male demographic.” That target market includes billions of people. That’s far too large. 

To create an effective marketing strategy, have detailed descriptions of your target market(s). If you’re struggling with this, consider hiring a marketing consultant to help you with it. But basically, if you haven’t carefully defined your target market, don’t hire a copywriter. 

3. You Want to Increase Sales on a Certain Platform

This goal can sound like this: “I want stronger copy to increase my sales via social media.” This may look like the domain of a copywriter―social media requires writing, right? However, you still shouldn’t hire a copywriter. Instead, answer these questions first: 

  • How did current followers find you?
  • Why do they stay?
  • When and where do these followers buy from you?

Words are powerful―we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe that. However, they never act alone. Words require context to create meaning and those questions will help you discover that context. 

Your followers may enjoy the content you’re creating but aren’t in the frame of mind to buy. 

 Or they’re following you because they know you and want to support your business. Admirable, of course! (You’ve got great friends and family if that’s the case.) But they likely won’t buy more from you simply because the words have changed. Don’t hire a copywriter at this point: ensure you know why people are following you to begin with.

However, if your followers are your target market and you are still not seeing any engagement, then yes, call a copywriter. 

Do Not Hire a Copywriter Until You Know Your Marketing Strategy

Before you hire a copywriter, know every aspect of your marketing strategy and have it written down. A copywriter is a member of your marketing team (even if your marketing team is just you right now). A copywriter is not the entire marketing team. We like to break it down like this: a marketing strategist creates the instructions and a copywriter follows them. Know your marketing strategy before you call a copywriter and you’ll likely save yourself a good deal of money in the long run. 


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