Automotive Content Creation

Our automotive writers focus on creating content that provides Canadian consumers with the knowledge they need to make smart, informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and caring for a vehicle.

Content Writing for Your Automotive Business

Transportation Helps Humans

We understand the important role cars play in getting us from point A to point B safely. For those outside of bustling cities, where public transportation isn’t available, a car is needed for everyday activities.

We Write Automotive Content That Helps Consumers

While we don’t write product descriptions or technical manuals, we can tackle a wide range of automotive-related subjects and present them in a way that’s concise and easy to understand.

This unfortunately needs saying: we know that a range of standards exists in some corners of the automotive industry. Just to be clear, we follow OMVIC guidelines wherever possible.

A Few Things We've Done So Far

Since 2013, Lori Straus has been writing for the Used Car Dealers’ Association as one of the top contributors to the Ontario Cars blog. She has also worked with telematics specialists like Geotab as well as Fleetcarma before they were acquired by Geotab. Lori Straus Communications continues to write for the UCDA and also helps with content for several major parts companies. To learn more about our work with the UCDA, check out our case study.


We have experience writing about all kinds of themes in the auto industry, from recurring questions like what’s the difference between all-season and three-season tires to modern concerns such as managing range anxiety when driving an electric vehicle.

How Can We Help You?

Blog Posts

Regular blog writing or occasional blogging support when you need it.

Email Campaigns

Send us the raw information, and we'll turn it into emails customized for your audience(s).

Feature Articles

Whether you want to highlight important people in your organization, successful clients, company updates...we can write stories that are more than just chronological autobiographies.

Social Media

Social media builds awareness but is often the bain of a creator. We'll take much as much or as little of it off your hands as you'd like.

Website Copy

Reworking your website is often the project that gets left until you have downtime. Hire it out to us: we'll do basic SEO research on top of following best practices for website copywriting.

Writing and Editing

Love writing, hate editing? We can start from scratch or act as a sescond pair of eyes on your work. We're hear to help you. Let us know what you need.

What Clients Have Said

Lori is spooky-good at writing for us. She easily understands our nitty-gritty technical details, niche audience, and critical internal requirements. Lori may be psychic, or better yet, an amazing resource for any marketing team to get great written content fast.

FleetCarmaFleetCarmaAutomotive telematics software

Working with Lori has been pain free!

UCDAUCDAAutomotive association

Have a Question About Content Writing? Email Lori and She'll Get Back to You Within 1 Business day.

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You found part of our first draft. For a company of writers, it's like being found naked. We're sorry you have to look at this side of us.


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