Mental Health Marketing

When searching for mental health content writers, you want to ensure you find people who focus on accuracy and create content that reflects the beliefs and values of you, the mental health professional.

You’ll find that here.

Content Writing for Mental Health Awareness and Services

Connecting With Your Clients

We recognize that there’s a time for inspiring stories, and there’s a time for keeping it real and acknowledging pain.
Creating content for mental health organizations can involve difficult and sensitive topics. We are fully capable of handling that aspect with the care and understanding it deserves.
We’ll follow your guidance and offer our own advice—when asked—about how to create the mental health content that will best get your message out. 

How We Create Content for You

We consider it part of our responsibility to work closely with our clients every step of the way. Our main job as a mental health communications service is to help you get your message out to the community. As such, we’ll use your marketing strategies as our guide to create content that suits your organization but also connects with the communities you’re trying to reach. 


We also understand that, just because someone is struggling now, does not mean that they cannot get better. We focus our mental health communications and content on uplifting messages that provide hope, but don’t overpromise or understate the extent of the struggles a person goes through. 

Our Personal Connection

Our founder, Lori Straus, holds a deep connection with mental health through her own personal struggles and the struggles of her family. Her family suffered greatly during both World Wars in Europe, so she understands how trauma can travel through the generations. Plus, Lori herself has struggled with mental health in the past. 

These experiences make her empathetic to those suffering from mental health and she is able to draw from her experiences to guide our team in creating realistic and relatable content. 

To read more about our work in the mental health field, check out this case study.

How Can We Help You?

Blog Posts

Regular blog writing or occasional blogging support when you need it.

Email Campaigns

Send us the raw information, and we'll turn it into emails customized for your audience(s).

Feature Articles

Whether you want to highlight important people in your organization, successful clients, company updates...we can write stories that are more than just chronological autobiographies.

Social Media

Social media builds awareness but is often the bain of a creator. We'll take much as much or as little of it off your hands as you'd like.

Website Copy

Reworking your website is often the project that gets left until you have downtime. Hire it out to us: we'll do basic SEO research on top of following best practices for website copywriting.

Writing and Editing

Love writing, hate editing? We can start from scratch or act as a sescond pair of eyes on your work. We're hear to help you. Let us know what you need.

What Clients Have Said

Despite the long distance between us, I feel like Lori is sitting next to me and reading my thoughts: she sees the essence of the issue, feels the tone of voice which is needed and she is always on time!

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Lori is a joy and a pleasure to work with. She listens to your needs and can even offer insightful tips on how to improve your requests and strategies if necessary. I am always happy with the content she delivers. It’s good to have Lori in your corner.

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