Using Lori Straus Communications for Your Content Writing

What's it like contracting your content writing to us? We answer that question below and finish off with a few case studies that show you our creative process and how we help our clients make the world a better place by creating content that reflects their individual style and values.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Two things.

One: not only do we create all your content from scratch, we pay special attention to words we believe will help you sound like the humans behind your company so you can connect with the humans in your market to bring about change.

This is critical.

People are tiring of being treated like droids. They want a human touch again. Your content needs to give them that feel while still reflecting your brand’s voice.

And two: to accomplish this, a content writing services company needs writers who can write in many voices. Our owner is not only a copywriter; she published her first novel in 2018 and can write in different voices and for different audiences.

(If you want the ultimate example of that apart from the portfolio you find here, and you don’t mind a light romance, grab a copy of this novel.)

Lori shared her storytelling skills with her freelance clients beginning with her first magazine articles over a decade ago. Once she expanded to Lori Straus Communications, she ensured that the writers she hired were storytellers, too.

What Content Writing Styles Do You Use?

Some content writing services charge based on the quality of content you want. For example, we found one that charges based on a star-rating system: you pay not much for one-star content, and more for four-star content.

We don’t do that. Everything we produce is of high quality.

But “high quality” is probably one of the most-used adjectives in marketing for bad products and services, isn’t it? So, what do we consider high-quality content writing? We believe it has the following qualities:

  • Concrete details and facts build the backbone of the content.
  • The call-to-action is clear.
  • Sources are cited.
  • Editing is done both manually and with software.
  • The writing is succinct.
  • Wherever appropriate, the writing uses lay language.
  • The point of the piece is easy to follow.
  • The content is appropriate for the intended audience and position in the sales funnel.
  • All client instructions have been followed.
  • The voice of the piece matches the brand voice while still sounding like a person wrote it.

So, to ultimately answer your question, we write in the style appropriate to your company’s brand and voice. If you’d like something more formal, we’ll write in that style. More casual? Copy that.

Most of our quotes will include several rounds of feedback from you, depending on the project. (Case studies, for example, include extra rounds of feedback from your client.)

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Case Study: Master of Counselling Student Needed Transparency and Reliability in an Editor 

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