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Lori Straus Communications offers comprehensive content writing services to help organizations create web copy, blog posts, and social media posts that highlight your company’s uniqueness.

But who are we? What makes us unique compared to other companies in the content writing services space? Our founder, Lori Straus, will cover that here.

Get to Know Lori

I’m Lori Straus, and I hope this confession doesn’t turn off potential clients, but I can’t stand Star Wars. 

And I blame my father. 

Forty-one years ago, in a theatre not that far away, my dad took me to see the third Star Wars movie, about some guy with a light sabre fighting some guy in black armour who also had a light sabre. 

And when that guy in the black armour showed up at a local Burger King, I apparently screamed bloody murder. 

I was four. 

I was exposed to the wrong story at the wrong time. 

What my father did get right that same year (we’re in 1981 in case the third Star Wars movie isn’t Return of the Jedi to you) was to take me to see Superman II. 

I watched Superfriends, different versions of Superboy, The Flash (1990 and 2014-2023), some Batman shows, the Supergirl movie, Lois & Clark, (sorry, skipped Smallville—not quite my show), am loving Superman & Lois…you get it. 

I’m far from an expert on DC Comics, but because Superman II was the right story at the right time, I got hooked on a character and much of a universe. 

One anecdote doesn’t make evidence, but it does help me show you what I offer. 

What Services Does Lori Straus Communications Provide?

We provide content writing services: you provide us with your marketing plan and sales funnel, and we put the right story in front of your audiences at the right time. 

Superman II, not Return of the Jedi. (Or vice versa, if that’s your jam. My kids seem to like the latter and laugh at the former. I can’t imagine why.) 

That’s why we specialize in web copy, blog posts, case studies, feature articles, and social media posts. We specialize in information and storytelling. 

You’ve probably heard a lot of content creators talk about storytelling, so… 

What Makes Lori Straus Communications Unique?

Two things. 

One: not only do we create all your content from scratch, we pay special attention to words we believe will help you sound like the humans behind your company so you can connect with the humans in your market. 

This is critical. 

People are tiring of being treated like droids. They want a human touch again. Your content needs to give them that feel while still reflecting your brand’s voice. 

And two: to accomplish this, a content writing services company needs writers who can write in many voices. I’m not only a copywriter; I published my first novel in 2018 and can write in different voices and for different audiences. 

(If you want the ultimate example of that apart from the portfolio you find here, and you don’t mind a light romance, grab a copy of this novel.) 

I shared my storytelling skills with my freelance clients, and once I expanded to Lori Straus Communications, I ensured that the writers I hired were storytellers, too. 

Is SEO Offered As Part of Your Content Writing Services?

We can either do the SEO research for you, or we can work with the keywords you provide from the SEO company you’ve hired. We’re here to help you.

Either way, we create custom content that is optimized for the keywords selected for each piece while writing for people, not search engine algorithms. 

What Writing Styles Do You Use?

Some content writing services charge based on the quality of content you want. For example, we found one that charges based on a star-rating system: you pay not much for one-star content, and more for four-star content. 

We don’t do that. Everything we produce is of high quality. 

But “high quality” is probably one of the most-used adjectives in marketing for bad products and services, isn’t it? So, what do we consider high-quality writing at Lori Straus Communications? High-quality writing has the following qualities: 

  • Concrete details and facts build the backbone of the content. 
  • The call-to-action is clear. 
  • Sources are cited. 
  • Editing is done both manually and with software. 
  • The writing is succinct. 
  • Wherever appropriate, the writing uses lay language. 
  • The point of the piece is easy to follow. 
  • The content is appropriate for the intended audience and position in the sales funnel.
  • All client instructions have been followed. 
  • The voice of the piece matches the brand voice while still sounding like a person wrote it. 

So, to ultimately answer your question, we write in the style appropriate to your company’s brand and voice. If you’d like something more formal, we’ll write in that style. More casual? Copy that. 

Most of our quotes will include several rounds of feedback from you, depending on the project. (Case studies, for example, include extra rounds of feedback from your client.) 

You Sound Like a Small Company. What Experience Do Your Writers Have?

Lori Straus Communications is a small content writing services company in Canada. It means you know whom you’re working with. 

So what’s my background besides not liking Star Wars and loving Superman? 

Here’s my story. 

I’ve always been on a journey to get to know people: that makes for the most effective writing. As a kid, that included a lot of reading: Jean Little (a disability writer before that term became a term), Nancy Drew books, and Star Trek books. Then I couldn’t find any fiction I enjoyed. 

No joke. 

Lori’s Education

In university, I majored in German and psychology (that includes 20+ years of Freud jokes), and completed my M.A. in German Studies (thesis in sociolinguistics). I did try my Ph.D. in German twice, but the first time I had to interrupt my studies due to mental health issues, and the second time due to family health issues. All in all, I have eight years of post-secondary education, including studying in Germany for two years. 

But why did I continue in German and not psychology? Because studying German allowed me to study two subjects: German and linguistics. I loved investigating language and people while learning how to use a language connected to my heritage. 

Lori’s Professional Experience

My professional marketing experience began in 2005, when a new, multicultural performing arts company took a chance on that Ph.D. dropout and hired her on contract to market an experimental arts piece. (I also had over 15 years’ dance experience.) 

After a few years in arts management, I transferred to the tech sector. By this point (2008), I had started writing feature articles for a (now shuttered) dance magazine. 

Back to the tech sector: I worked my way into marketing again. It unfortunately didn’t even last a year: I got laid off during company restructuring. 

Apparently, I panicked so much when I figured out I’d gotten laid off (I was at home on a day off when I put the pieces together) that my husband thought someone had died. 

I landed a job in German studies. Part of my duties was to coordinate an oral history project. 

Talk about getting to know more people! 

What appeared to be a terrifying layoff turned into a blessing. The part-time position gave me the space to start a freelance writing business. That was 2013. I began offering content writing services full time in 2017, published my first novel in 2018, and opened Lori Straus Communications in 2021. 

Is Lori the Only Writer?

Although I keep Lori Straus Communications small so we can offer you personalized service, I’m not the only writer. The reason you don’t see our writers listed on our website is so our writers can enjoy a little privacy. But they live in Ontario and are employees of the company. 

None of our writing is contracted out. Always feel free to ask me who’ll be working on your content. 

How Do I Get Started?

Contact my team via the form in our footer. 

We don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics. So, please contact us just to ask questions. We may follow up—companies who care follow up—but we won’t add you to any email list simply because you wanted to talk to us. 

We usually respond within one business day. We’ll ask you about your business, your target market, and your content goals. If everything sounds good to you, we’ll send you a contract with your estimate and general project plan. It’ll be up to you what you do next. 

So, please, go ahead and email or call. Ask us about our services, our prices, and how we can help. We’ll do our best to answer you. 

Even if you do like Star Wars. (Though we might answer faster if you like Superman. Or Heartland. I love Heartland, too. I just ran out of space to write about it.) 

Have a Question About Content Writing? Email Lori and She'll Get Back to You Within 1 Business day.

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