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If you’re dedicating all your time to awareness building, discovering the next ground-breaking innovation, or improving the experience of patients with rare diseases, you’re probably used to feeling like you have 100 things to do at all times. We can take one important task off your plate: writing your website copy.

The Role of Website Copywriters

No matter how amazing your product or service is, if you don’t know how to communicate its benefits to your audiences, you risk losing clients and customers. A website copywriter can put your ideas into words that speak directly to the audience you’re trying to connect with. By incorporating the right voice and tone, website copywriters ensure that your online presence is consistent and aligns with your organization’s identity. 

As website copywriters, we pride ourselves on not using generic templates. Instead, we work with you to capture the values and personality that make your organization unique, and create appealing audience-specific messaging that highlights how you can improve the lives of patients you’re aiming to serve.

“Lori is very open-minded and doesn’t have any fixed ideas.”


What Is Our Approach to Web Copy?

Your website is where potential clients and patients you serve get to know you in depth. It also works for you after your staff, sales reps, and customer support team have left for the day, as people visit to inform themselves about you. That’s why website copy plays a crucial role in shaping your brand and can have a significant impact on your organization’s ability to reach the people you want to help. 

These are the steps we walk through with you when creating a new website: 

  • Ask about your company’s vision, mission, values, goals, and product/service. 
  • Learn about your target audience. 
  • Define your goals for your website. 
  • Establish your priorities for your website. (Not everything has to be done at once.) 
  • Review any data you have about recent website performance. 
  • Create a project plan that summarizes all the above and explains how we’ll move forward. 
  • Write your website copy according to the project plan. 

“Lori is spooky-good at writing for us. She easily understands our nitty-gritty technical details, niche audience, and critical internal requirements."


Our goal is to help you connect with your clients and demonstrate your understanding of their needs with knowledgeable and personable content. You’ll be involved and consulted throughout the content creation process to make sure we’re addressing the population you service with respect. 

If you’re ever unhappy with the content we create, don’t be afraid to speak up! We’ll ask for your feedback throughout the project and encourage you to provide us with comments early in the creative process to ensure we deliver to your specifications. 

Website Copywriting Services

As copywriters for your website, we can help in many ways: 

  • One-time website revamp 
  • SEO research to inform your website strategy 
  • Website copy from scratch 
  • Case studies to help support credibility 
  • White papers that more deeply demonstrate your knowledge 
  • Website alignment with your sales funnel 
  • Blogging plan to support SEO growth 

“Lori is an incredible help to our team. Whether it is creating a simple sales email from an artist bio, or researching little known facts to create fresh and engaging content for a show, we can always count on her to deliver quality writing, on schedule.”

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If you’re considering getting help with your website, contact us today for a no-obligation, 15-minute free consultation. We’d love to connect with you and see how we can bring your organization’s voice to life. Fill out the contact form below to get in touch!

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