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We make your company sound like the unique human beings behind it.

Welcome to Lori Straus Communications, a personable content writing company. We specialize in creating content that is genuine and uplifting, well-researched and engaging. Everything is created from scratch by writers headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

Arts Organizations

We understand the individuality of each artist and their creations. Thus, we take the time to get to know and understand both you and your art, and we write fresh content accordingly.

Automotive Companies

We understand the important role cars play in getting us from point A to point B safely. We're familiar with OMVIC and UCDA guidelines, and have covered topics from vintage to electric, parts to sales.

Mental Health Supporters

We recognize that there’s a time for inspiring stories, and there’s a time for keeping it real and acknowledging pain. We’ll follow your guidance and offer our own advice—when asked—about how to create the mental health content that will best get your message out.

Small Business Owners

Every small business owner specializes in something. As a small business ourselves, we specialize in bringing out the unique human voice behind your small business and carry it through any content you'd like help with: email campaigns, blog posts, social media...you name the writing that needs to be done, and we'll do our best to help.

Technology for Good

Our technology content writers create inviting content that reflects your brand and highlights how you’re helping others and making the world a better place through your technology.

Company Doesn't Fit in a Cateogory

If your company doesn't fit neatly into a category and you're looking for writers comfortable with that, contact us. As long as you're trying to help the world become a better place, we'd love to hear from you.

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