You’ve probably heard a lot of content creators talk about storytelling, so we'd like to introduce you to our lead storyteller.

Get to Know Lori

Head shot of Lori Straus, owner of Lori Straus Communications, which offers content writing services

I’m Lori Straus, and I hope this confession doesn’t turn off potential clients, but I can’t stand Star Wars. 

And I blame my father. 

Over 30 years ago, in a theatre not that far away, my dad took me to see the third Star Wars movie, about some guy with a light sabre fighting some guy in black armour who also had a light sabre. 

And when that guy in the black armour showed up at a local Burger King, I apparently screamed bloody murder.  

I was exposed to the wrong story. 

What my father did get right in my childhood (we’re in the 80s in case the third Star Wars movie isn’t Return of the Jedi to you) was to take me to see Superman II. 

I watched Superfriends, different versions of Superboy, The Flash (1990 and 2014-2023), some Batman shows, the Supergirl movie, Lois & Clark, (sorry, skipped Smallville—not quite my show), am loving Superman & Lois…you get it. 

I’m far from an expert on DC Comics, but because Superman II was the right story for me: I got hooked on a character and much of a universe. 

One anecdote doesn’t make evidence, but it illustrates my point: content writing services only work if they help you produce content that speaks to your audience.

I love writing, and I love helping people. Melding those joys together is why I created Lori Straus Communications out of my freelance business.

Lori’s Professional Experience

My professional marketing experience began in 2005, when a new, multicultural performing arts company took a chance on a Ph.D. dropout and hired her on contract to market an experimental arts piece. (I also had over 15 years’ dance experience.) 

After a few years in arts management, I transferred to the tech sector. By this point (2008), I had started writing feature articles for a (now shuttered) dance magazine. 

Back to the tech sector: I worked my way into marketing again. The position unfortunately didn’t even last a year: I got laid off during company restructuring. A few months later, though, I landed a job in German studies. Part of my duties was to coordinate an oral history project. 

Talk about diving deep into storytelling. I eventually reviewed most of over 100 personal stories and contributed a chapter to the culminating book. Definitely one of the highlights of my life.

The part-time position gave me the space to start a freelance writing business. That was 2013. I began offering content writing services full time in 2017, published my first novel in 2018, and opened Lori Straus Communications in 2021. 

Do You Contract Out Your Content Writing Services?

No, none of our writing is contracted out.

I know it's common to see a list of employees on a website. We currently don't do that so our writers can enjoy a little privacy. But they live in Ontario and are employees of the company. They come with a wide range of interests and backgrounds so we can draw on that knowledge to help create your content.

Always feel free to ask me who’ll be working on your content. We're happy to provide you with that information.

If you're interested in working together, please contact our team via the form in our footer. 

Have a Question About Content Writing? Email Us and We'll Get Back to You Within 1 Business day.

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Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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