Content Writing for Patient Advocacy

Content Writing for Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy requires a host of communication avenues: public relations, newsletter, social media, blog posts, magazine articles…the list goes on. Above all that, though, is writing in a way that connects the reader to your cause. In other words, reaching readers through empathy.

Empathy connects humans. It helps us understand what others are feeling. Because humans haven’t yet developed telepathy, our only way to get to know one another is through external communications. For many of us, that involves words.

To write effective patient advocacy pieces, you need to find the meeting point of your subject’s language, the language your readers use, and the cause you’re supporting.

This isn’t always easy.

We’ve included on this short page examples of patient advocacy pieces we’ve written that resonated well with those we wrote about, connected with readers, and gave meaning and dignity to disability.

Have a look:

This patient advocacy article focused on a young boy with a genetic variation that developed into a severe form of epilepsy. (Our owner and lead writer, Lori Straus, has epilepsy, so this topic is especially important to her.)
Learning as much as you can about your condition–or your chances of developing one–is the focus of this patient advocacy piece.
We apologize for the awkward image! This blog post is from Lori’s other writing business–her novels. She discusses a character with epilepsy and the challenges of creating him and writing about disability.

Help With Your Patient Advocacy Pieces

Writing patient advocacy content can create challenges for your staff. Maybe you only need a few such articles a year, but each one takes 10-15 hours to write effectively. Or perhaps your marketing team specializes in marketing strategy and social media, but needs backup on human interest articles. Or maybe your organization is small enough that you don’t have a marketing team, but would like assistance with this particular type of writing.

Whatever your reasons for investigating out-of-house writing options, we’re here to answer your questions. Contact us via the form in our footer. We’d love to help!


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