Content Writing Services in Canada 

Looking for a content writer can be a daunting task. You need someone who understands your vision, can build on it, and bring it to life.  

As an Ontario-based communications company, we’d like to walk you through some benefits of hiring a content writer in Canada, what the differences are between us and a content mill, and why choosing Canadian may give you a competitive edge. 

Benefits of Hiring a Content Writer

Across the world, including in Canada, content writers are in high demand. You could have the most innovative product on the market, but if you aren’t able to communicate its benefits to your target market effectively, you may sacrifice your chances of success. A skilled content writer can help you.  

Seeing Your Product or Service from a New Perspective

Having a writer from outside your company can provide a fresh opinion of your product or service. While industry knowledge is always valuable, an external opinion will help ensure your content is easy for anyone to understand. An outside hire can also promote objectivity in your content since they’re personally removed from internal biases.

Save Time

A content writer can lighten your workload and award you more precious time to work on other parts of your business—or to relax! Content writers are often highly skilled at working under deadlines. As long as you provide a reasonable timeline, a professional content writer will deliver on schedule.

Reach Your Target Audiences

A content writer can craft a unique voice for your brand and apply that voice to all the content they create for you. Content writers speak directly to those you want to be heard by and help your audience understand your product or service and why they should care about it.  

Most content writers today also have a basic understanding of SEO (search engine optimization). Once they’re aware of your target market, writers can include keywords and phrases in their work to help people easily find your webpage. However, ask if they provide SEO services, i.e., if they’ll do the research for you, or if you need to provide the SEO keywords. 

Lori Straus Communications vs. Content Mills

Content mills are all about providing quick turnovers at low prices. This quantity-over-quality approach means that writers rarely have the time to learn or understand the intricacies of your business and what you stand for. With such a disconnect between the writer and your business, you may end up with content that doesn’t reflect your business. The content may also be written by different writers each time, affecting continuity in your brand’s voice. 

Communication companies like ours are invested in your business throughout our partnership. Our writers take the time to educate themselves about the industry you’re in and to reflect your company values in the work we create. We’re always open to feedback, so we can incorporate any edits before your final deadline. Moreover, we’re a small company, so you’ll always know who’s working on your content. 

At times, international content mills may run into issues with plagiarism. While all writers will promise you original work, if a writer from a mill suddenly quits, you won’t be able to follow up with them if there’s an issue with something they’ve created.

And that mill’s customer support? You may run into problems there, too. 

It’s About Accountability

Our contracts and invoices list our official business address. Basically, you’ll know where we live if you need to, well, you know. 

And why the name Lori Straus Communications? Why not something stellar, out of this world, splendiferous, but corporate and impersonal? So you never forget the name of our owner if you ever need to speak with her while you work with us. 

We only develop original content for each of our clients. Furthermore, full copyright transfers to our clients upon payment. (Unless you want our name to appear on the content—then we retain moral rights. But that’s an exceptional situation.)

The Advantage of Content Writers in Canada

As Canadian writers, we understand our multiculturalism—its advantages and challenges, its past and present. We apply that knowledge to the content we produce to help you make meaningful connections with your readers. 

Many Canadian content writers offer multilingual services. At Lori Straus Communications, all of our writers are fluent in English, and we offer German-to-English translation. 

American/International Clients

At Lori Straus Communications, we’re happy to take on clients outside of Canada.  

For American clients, we can write in American English. Because of the CAD to USD exchange rate, you’ll likely get a cheaper quote with us compared to American companies. Wherever you’re located, we can arrange payment via PayPal in Canadian dollars so you’ll never have to worry about complicated currency conversions.  

Types of Content

Before beginning your search for a content writer in Canada, it’s important to know what you need one for. Some writers specialize in only one type of content, while others offer a variety of services.  

These are some of the types of content we create: 

  • blog posts 
  • brochures 
  • case studies 
  • email campaigns 
  • feature articles 
  • postcards 
  • social media posts 
  • web copy 
  • white papers 

If you have any questions about Lori Straus Communications, content writers in Canada, or would like to request a quote, send us a message and we’ll respond to you within one business day. 


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