Case Study: t’works’s Search for a Content Writer

Company Background

t’works is a one-stop language services provider that specializes in highly complex language and translation projects. Their goal is to bring together specialized language services providers who complement and support each other to shape the future of translation services. With a large team of project managers, t’works prides itself on providing the time to hear and understand each individual client’s goals and needs. 

Increasing Visibility & Understanding 

Back in 2014, hiring a copywriter was essential for t’works’s marketing approach. 

“We wanted to create more visibility for our company,” said t’works’s marketing manager, Inna Barmashenko. “But we also wanted to explain to potential clients what language or translation services exactly means because not many people understand the complexity of these services.” 

t’works does more than simply translate text from one language to another. But when people hear “translation services,” that’s what comes to mind. With a copywriter, t’works was hoping to not only spread the word about their services but also create an understanding about what these services were. 

The copywriter they hired would need to take these ideas and create copy from them to lay the foundation of future marketing campaigns. 

Finding the Right Copywriter

“The two most important things in a copywriter for us were a background in translation or language services and a marketing-related style of creating texts that is like storytelling,” Inna said. “Immediately, from the first sentence, the reader needs to be interested and wants to know more.” 

One of t’works’s employees at the time had worked with Lori Straus in the past and was impressed with her work. Based on this positive experience, she contacted Lori about working as a freelance copywriter for the company. 

Lori has a background in German translation and has had plenty of experience creating marketing content for a wide variety of clients. Her marketing experience also meant she understood how complex marketing projects can be and how the marketing process works. 

“Texts are always the first step in a lot of marketing campaigns and marketing campaigns are planned very timely. If the very first step is delayed, it can be very dramatic for the whole campaign,” Inna said. This is why Lori’s understanding of marketing proved indispensable. 

Working with Lori

“Lori is very open-minded and doesn’t have any fixed ideas,” Inna said. 

Lori was always willing to listen to others’ ideas and use them within a project. Even when someone had only a vision with no specific guidelines, Lori could take that vision and develop it into a finished product. 

The amount of involvement t’works had with Lori’s work depended mostly on what type of service was being promoted. For very technical topics, like SAP translation, t’works supplied informative bullet points. But for topics like localization services, Lori had enough background knowledge to write without assistance. Sometimes, Lori would even watch product demonstrations if it would help her develop stronger content. But over time, project managers would give Lori the main idea and the target audience they wanted to reach, and Lori would write the first draft just from that. 

Lori always delivered her projects for t’works on schedule. Occasionally, if she believed more information would strengthen the copy and she therefore needed more time to complete that research, Lori would provide a week’s notice. This reliability meant that the marketing stayed on schedule and no one fell behind waiting for the copy. “You can really count on Lori,” Inna said. 

Any comments and corrections t’works had were fixed without complaint and sent back in a timely fashion. “Very often Lori’s work was practically perfect,” Inna said. “Any comments were not really about her style but very technical aspects. In about 99% of all cases, it was finished after the second loop.” 


t’works was very satisfied with Lori’s work and the impact her marketing text had on their client base. 

For example, in 2021, t’works published the first two pages of a white paper about terminology Lori created in partnership with an employee. To receive the rest of the white paper, potential clients needed to provide their contact information. Within the first week, 25% of people who read the first two pages responded with their contact information, much higher than the usual 10-11%. 

“Lori has a great sense of humour and doesn’t write typical marketing text you forget immediately after you read it. She adds special details at the very beginning that you will remember even weeks later,” Inna said.

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